Concrete Pools & Spas

A swimming pool offers a wonderful area for both recreation and exercise in your own backyard. Today there are many pool designs, pool equipment selections, installation material choices, and modern pool accessories and devices to choose from. The positioning of your pool on your property, deck spacing, and the possibility of adding a waterfall or other design feature to your pool or spa are all things which need carefully designed planning.

Tarzan Treescaping can guide you through and educate you on all of the wonderful choices you have available when installing a new pool or spa. From traditional style pools to free-forming lagoon style pools, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will oversee the layout, excavation, plumbing, electrical, steel and gahnite processes which are all involved in the installation of a pool. We will also oversee any needed decking, tile, and plaster installation. Call us today at (845) 518-0133 or use our Free Online Quote Request Form to see how we can design a pool or spa area in your backyard that will reflect your family’s needs and design preferences.

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